How Does the ReFormer Workout Work?


So how exactly does the Reformer allow users to address all five basic elements of fitness without necessitating joint-damaging high-impact movements? The machine was carefully constructed to precisely enact effective resistance, range of motion, and angle, and allow users reach the proper threshold of exercise intensity to stimulate the body’s adaptive changes.

The machine uses adjustable spring-loaded resistance to allow for a customizable resistance load that is engaged via slow, deliberate movements that activate slow-twitch muscle fibers, increasing stamina and oxygen capacity of your muscles and allowing the body to burn energy for longer periods of time. The Fitness ReFormer workouts produce rapid changes in his clients’ physiques —  muscles are not prone to hypertrophy (bulking up)  they are better suited for burning fat. Simply put, this machine when done correctly will turn your body into a lean, fat-burning machine.


NEW Yoga Intensive – Yin Fusion


The goal is to support the body in a way that enables the individual to deeply stretch the ligaments and tendons. Students  find their boundary within a stretch, and then wait for their body to allow them to go a little bit deeper. The class helps to release stress and tension in the body focusing on opening up the connective tissues and relaxing the muscles.  Mondays 11-12pm.